Perch With Us!

Hello! This is Hannah Birdsong here. Some of you may know (probably just you Perch regulars!) that I recently moved to beautiful Durango, Colorado! Let me just say, beautiful is an understatement. I moved here to follow my honey and to pursue a dream of living in a quaint mountain town with all the outdoor adventures imaginable r i g h t outside my front door.

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The hardest part about leaving Auburn was saying goodbye to the community I built during my time there. Most of my community came through that bright green door at Perch. It began with a "Hello, how are you? Let me know if I can help you with anything." and ended with us chit chatting over silly, sometimes serious, but mostly silly things about our lives with your weekly visit to the studio. Through Perch, I created a family. A family I am not willing to give up!


I have been brainstorming ideas of how I can stay in touch and still be involved with my favorite little design studio, even from miles and miles away. Well guys, it hit me today... a blog! This will give me a chance to stay up to date in the studio, archive and share some of my favorite events at Perch, hopefully inspire some creativity, and most importantly, stay connected with all my favorite people. 

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I will go ahead and apologize now because this is completely new to me. It's a little out of my comfort zone, but a challenge I am going to just dive in head first. My goal is to write a new post once a week. I hope you read along, get inspired, keep up to date on all our old AND new adventures at the studio, and Perch with us.



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