On location

M U S E U M   OF   W O N D E R

Seale, Alabama
32°19'55.6"N 85°09'38.0"W


Our Abundance Line is inspired by a life of roving here, there and everywhere. It is a collection of jewelry that honors my past and present. One that reflects the influences of the people and places I’ve loved along the way.  

plentifulness of the good things of life


Museum of Wonder

The Museum of Wonder is a collection of curiosities from around the world. Nestled in rural Seale, Alabama, it is full of Butch Anthony's art, and gathered artifacts. As our two new lines celebrate the past and influences of the organic nature of life, it seemed the perfect setting to capture our jewelry in the wild.


Living on the move meant I got to meet interesting people in each place, all with a distinct heritage and aesthetic. Within each far off place I found the will to create a beautiful life from the elements available. Our Good Prospects line is simple — an elegant simple. As life has layers and nicks, Good Prospects is full of textures, traces of the human touch, and emblems from nature.