Meet model Capi. Perch designer and lover of fresh flowers and small furry things.

What is your favorite Perch piece? 
Perch earrings! I collect them. Simple, but still unique.

What is your best styling tip? 
Taking my favorite thing in my closet and then taking my least favorite thing and styling them together. Works every time.

Favorite style blogger(s): 
Manrepeller and Troprouge

Do you have a slow Saturday morning preference? 
I prefer a loud Saturday morning with cooking and dancing in the kitchen, but if it's slow, I'm hitting snooze and sleeping in.

Your brunch preference: 
Eggs Hemingway with a mimosa.

Favorite weekend escape: 
Going down to the coast.

What do you doodle in class/meetings? 
Mostly idea maps and natal charts. And if I have the patience, drawing whatever is around me.

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