Meet model Emily Jordan. Perch girl and lover of farmers markets and good coffee.

What is your favorite Perch piece?
Any of the beautiful personalized pieces.

What is your best styling tip?
Try not to worry too much about what other people will think and enjoy the freedom to express your unique, creative and fun self.

Do you have a favorite slow Saturday morning preference?
Warm cup of coffee, big breakfast with a beautiful bowl of fruit and honey, a few hours spent reading and then discussing with friends.

You brunch preference:
Anything omelette with a tall glass of orange juice.

Favorite weekend escape:
Random road trips. Find a great friend, pick somewhere on a map, don't plan any details, and just drive. Even if it fails, the adventure is always worth it.

Key piece of clothing that can make any outfit:
Jean jacket or a good pair of boots.

A dream project you secretly sketch in your notebook while not paying attention in class/meetings:
Opening my own business.

Currently on your soundtrack:
Leon Bridges and Lauren Daigle

Favorite coffee beverage:
Iced almond milk latte with brown sugar and cinnamon.

On your summer reading list:
Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist

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