Meet model Hannah. Perch girl and addict of all things with dark chocolate: fan of all things with patterns; lover of fresh wild flowers on the table; spending the weekend adventuring in the mountains!

What is your favorite Perch piece?
Hard to say, because I love them all! I'm currently wearing a necklace style similar to the labradorite teardrop stone from the Good Prospects collection. I just can't seem to take it off!

What is your best styling tip?

Do you have a favorite slow Saturday morning preference?
Waking up slowly with coffee in bed and listening to slow tunes in the background.

Your brunch preference:
Anything savory. Savory always trumps sweet in my breakfast book.

Favorite weekend escape:
Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina! They have the best mountain biking trails, breweries, and free camping! Always makes for the best weekend escape with friends.

Key piece of clothing that can make any outfit:
A striped tee!

A dream project you secretly sketch in your notebook while not paying attention in class/meetings:
I seem to only doodle lines. Lines that are layered, parallel, or just all over the place!

Currently on your soundtrack:
Beirut's Gulag Orkestar album.

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