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natural elements

At Perch, our heritage carries a special significance. It represents an inspirational quality and beauty, rooted in our community. Our Natural Elements Collection is uniquely curated to feature pieces which are the embodiment of the natural wonders of Alabama. Our three designs, Circle of Life, Fragments, and Twigs are the foundation we created to highlight Natural Elements.
— Barbara Birdsong, Owner of Perch Jewelry Studio

After marrying my high school sweetheart, an Air Force pilot, we had the opportunity to live here, there and everywhere, start a family along the way, and finally land in Auburn, Alabama to put down roots.

Our collections of jewelry honor our past and present, and the influences of people and the places we’ve loved along the way.

They are inspired by the unpredictable and often imperfect nature of life, which makes all things authentically beautiful. In our creating, we combine earth’s precious gifts of metals and gemstones to create a natural design that is simple and easy to wear.


The Circle of Life Collection was inspired by our journey in opening the studio. The idea of our studio was to create a place to share our story and our passions, indulge in our creative spirits, and to become deeply rooted with the community.

The stories, the people, the art, all interwoven and all constantly flowing. It teaches us how to feel and love deeper - but  above all, it teaches us how to be connected. Every time a moment comes that we believe everything is finished, we realize that it is just a beautiful new beginning.

The Twigs Collection was inspired from our connection to the natural environment and how it transpired through our once customers, and now friends. Through the studio, we have created an incredible, strong group of women - Our Tribe. They keep us connected to our heritage, embracing our beliefs in community, thoughtful design, and creativity by sharing their stories, their processes, their discoveries, and their creations.

A biologist, bringing in the latest armadillo shell, cicada, or animal discovery that needs to be cast for a charm. An artist, exploring new methods of stitching and weaving that reminds us to trust in the process. A painter, who never meets a stranger, grounds us with the stories she collects. Through these connections we have learned how to surrender to our instincts and truly create a collection that embraces our heritage.

The Fragments Collection was developed from our belief of being gentle to our Earth. We hold ourselves to high standards to practice responsible and sustainable design. Inspired by the natural elements that appear in our lives - From a walk in the woods to a rural scouting, or flowing down the Tallapoosa River.

It’s these moments where I find myself back at my work shop, piecing the remnants of past creations to give life to a new piece. Inspired to bring out the natural features of earth’s precious gifts, using quality materials, hand selected to become a part our story.

We designed these three collections with the idea of versatility in mind. Combine one or more of the elements with our natural necklaces. Capture your spirit for the day, week, or month before you decide to change it up. Wear these pieces as reminders to go inward and live your most authentic life. 

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