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idyllwilde indigo dyeing workshop

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Layers upon layers of textures: nature and art, birds chirping and the chatter of friends. A deep rural scouting — discovery in every nook and cranny. Taking time to dream. Making memories and recollecting the old ones. Come with us on our recent jaunt through the Mary Ann Casey's Home Studio.


create your own


Indulge in your creativity

We understand that not everyone can visit our brick and mortar store, so we created an online collection where customers can have the same creative experience by personalizing their own jewelry, just as you would in our studio.



We have combined earth’s precious gifts of metals and gemstones to create a natural design that is simple and easy to wear. Design a special keepsake that represents you or your children's birthstones. 

The birthstone for January is garnet. 



Simple living


Every day tried and true pieces to accessorize from morning meetings to sunset dinners. 


local art


Become part of our story

The stories, the people, and the art itself, all interwoven all constantly evolving. It teaches us how to feel and love deeper - but most importantly above all, it teaches us how to find our most authentic self. 



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